Road accidents in India - 2015

Transport Research Wing (TRW) of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways being the nodal agency for providing information/data on various aspects of road and road transport sector brings out every year report on `Road Accidents in India". The present issue Road Accidents in India, 2015 provides information on various facets of road accidents in the country during the calendar year 2015, which includes recent and long-term trends; normalized indicators of road accidents, injuries and fatalities; the details of top 13 States in terms of road accidents, persons killed and persons injured; severity of road accidents, injuries and deaths in Million Plus Cities; accidents in terms of classification of roads; spatial distribution of road accidents (urban vis-a-vis rural), accidents bifurcated in terms of involvement by vehicle type; time of occurrence of road accidents; age profile of road accident victims (other than drivers), causes of road accidents; international comparisons; road safety initiatives by the Government of India etc.