Starting a Renovation Wave Putting Real Impact First

As the European Commission seeks to identify the types of renovation activities that should be scaled under the ‘Renovation Wave’, the World Green Building Council’s Europe network (WorldGBC Europe) has launched a new case study report highlighting best practice from across the region. The report stresses that monitoring the real impacts of renovation initiatives, learning quickly what is working and not, and why—must be at the heart of the EU’s Renovation Wave. This report identifies renovation initiatives that have effectively demonstrated their impact, or that are turning their attention to tracking impact in more sophisticated ways. Replicating these best practices now will ensure that we can learn as we go. Only then will our efforts result in a wave that builds and swells right across Europe, providing environmental, economic and social benefits for decades to come. The report highlights the efforts of the BUILD UPON2 project to tackle this issue by building a renovation strategy impact framework which will serve as a tool to navigate the complex landscape of programmes and projects and to help policymakers at city, national and European level to really see what works and what does not.