Public transport confronts many challenges in South Africa. The majority of workers and the poor still live in displaced, dormitory townships distant from places of work and other amenities. As a result, the cost of mobility and time spent commuting between home and workplace is draining and difficult to sustain. To alleviate this challenge, the DoT will strive to maximise its contribution to socio-economic goals by providing a safe, reliable, effective, efficient and fully integrated public transport service that best meets the needs of passenger users.In the medium term, the DoT will continue with the planning and construction of universally accessible Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in identified local and metropolitan municipalities. The Public Transport Strategy (PTS), as well as the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme (TRP), will be reviewed to enhance
provision of integrated public transport solutions. The DoT will develop and implement the Integrated Public Transport Turnaround Plan, which will aim to optimise public transport service offerings in both rural and urban spaces.The regulation of public transport will be enhanced through the amendment of the National Land Transport Act and development of new regulations.