Uganda 2023: energy policy review

This in-depth review of the energy policies of Uganda follows the format used by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for its peer reviews for member countries. This process supports energy policy development and encourages the exchange of international best practices and experiences. Uganda has set an ambitious agenda to develop its substantial energy and mineral resources, promote economic development, end energy poverty, and lead the country to a just energy transition. Uganda’s stated objective in Vision 2040 is to transform into “a modern and prosperous country”, ensuring a better future for its citizens. The energy sector will play an important role in helping Uganda achieve this. The newly launched Energy Policy for Uganda 2023 will serve as a crucial tool and major contribution to the country’s ambitious agenda. Uganda already has in place much of the technical expertise, government institutions and policy frameworks to reach its energy goals. It has also made significant progress over the past two decades in providing access to electricity and expanding generation capacity, and further ambition is encouraged to achieve universal energy access by 2050.