As the railways minister, Mamata Banerjee may have flagged off many yatras in the past one year but the journey she has begun in her hometown of Kolkata promises to be the most ambitious yet.

Rampant industrialisation will not go down well with the fish-lovers of West Bengal if People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reports are to be believed. Fish is served at every Bengali festival and the way it is consumed by the community across the world leaves no doubt that perhaps only the rosogulla and football can come close to be dubbed as even distant competition.

The West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (Established 1993) ensures that the state giants use 5 per cent of renewable energy. From a solar housing programme to the country's first rice husk fuel power plant,it is a pioneer in the promotion of renewable energy.

This is one hospital with a difference: Patients don't go to it; it floats to them. The many inaccessible islands in the Brahmaputra river now have a common connecting link-hospital boats from the award-winning project, Ships of Hope-that brings them quality medical care right at their doorstep.