Seen Mating After 30 Families Move Out From Mordungri Village

Jaipur: The shifting of a few villages from the periphery of Ranthambore National Park has started showing results. The big cats, which were scrambling for space, have now more space to move around and expand their breeding zones. On Tuesday morning, tigress T-22 was seen mating with tiger T-23 in Bodal beat near Mordungri village. Thirty families from the village moved to Amli, some 35 km away in Tonk district, barely a month back. Originally consisting of about 157 families, the rest had earlier took the offer of cash package of Rs 10 lakh and relocated.

SC Order Banning Tourism In Core Of Tiger Reserves Has Dampened The Spirits In Raj

Jaipur: The Supreme Court order banning tourism in core areas of tiger reserves till further directions has evoked sharp reactions from forest officials and conservationists the state. Most felt that regulated tourism is a better option than a complete ban. “Regulated tourism is a much better option. We have over the past 10 years controlled much of tourism activities in Ranthambore.

No. Of People Below Poverty Line Dips To 24.8% From 34.4%

Jaipur: In Rajasthan, if you earn more than Rs 846 per month (Rs 28.20 per day) in urban areas and Rs 755 per month (Rs 25.16 per day) in rural areas, then you are not below poverty line. The data was released by the Planning Commission on Monday. This is a jump from Rs 568.15 per month (Rs 18.93 per day) in urban areas and Rs 478 per month (Rs 15.23 per day) in rural areas for 2004-05.

Jaipur: Malnutrition among children in Rajasthan has taken ominous proportions. The Hungama (Hunger and Malnutrition) survey carried out recently by Naandi Foundation indicates that the situation in many districts has worsened when compared to what it was about a decade back.

The Hungama Survey, released on Tuesday by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, mentions 10 districts in Rajasthan. These districts are among a sample size of 112 districts in the country.

‘Broken Tail’ Was Based On A Strayed Cub