Agra has stood at 57th place in progress report on sanitation and hygienic conditions in the state government-run primary and upper primary schools.

Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) is working on a plan to install solar power operated traffic signals at 16 major city crossings.

Agra: Particulate matter (PM) in air, which is one of the major reasons responsible for yellowing of the Taj Mahal, was found to be on the higher side for majority of days in 2015, according to the

Agra: Could a deadly animal disease that arrived on our shores less than 40 years ago cross over to humans, like Ebola, bubonic plague and HIV?

Agra: Industrial units in the district are consuming excessive quantity of water.

The Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) is encouraging people and businesses in the city to install electricity-generating solar panels put on rooftops of houses and

AGRA: The lighting of bonfire as a replay of burning of Holika symbolizing the victory of good over evil, now seems to have a not-so-holy side.

AGRA: Make carrying cloth bags when going for shopping a habit as carrying a polythene may draw penalty and can even result in imprisonment.

AGRA: The Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) has rolled up its sleeves to initiate action against any act of garbage disposal in Yamuna after the Nation Green Tribunal (NGT) slapped a fine of Rs 1 la