Though the government has taken several measures to check illegal mining of sand and gravel in different parts of the state, stopping it completely is a challenge.

Had the guidelines of the Central Water Commission (CWC) outlining dam safety measures been strictly enforced, 24 Hyderabad students could have been saved from being washed way in the Beas in Mandi

Illegal dumping at the Suketi khud on the outskirts of the town is going on unabated for the past few days. Debris and mud can be seen on the banks of the Suketi khud.

Though the Supreme Court has given directions to the state government to check illegal mining along riverbeds, large-scale illegal mining of sand from the Beas is going on unchecked from Jalogi to

Soil Gas Meters installed at various locations

A research team of Career Point University has undertaken a project expected to open new frontiers in earthquake detection in the region. Under the project, headed by Dr Naveen Thakur and Dr Jitender, assistant professors in the university's Physics Department, Soil Gas Meters (SGMs) have been installed at different locations.

Agitated locals detain a truck in Dugh rivulet for ‘loading gravel’ from the riverbed

After the failure of the Mining Department and the district administration in reining in illegal mining in Dugh and Poong rivulets, near Hamirpur, by “politically influential” people, agitated locals detained a truck in the Dugh rivulet for allegedly loading gravel from the riverbed this morning. The illegal mining, which has been going on for a long time, has resulted in deep digging in several km areas of the rivulet.