The closure of 26 iron ore mines in Odisha by a Supreme Court order last week, which stated that they can resume production only when the state government renews leases, would affect Tata Steel and

The first phase of Posco India’s much-delayed $12-billion steel project at Paradip in Orissa, in which capacity for 4 million tonnes will be commissioned, would be completed by 2018, reports Dilip

After a unanimous rejection of the proposal to mine bauxite in the Niyamgiri hills by gram sabhas in the Rayagada and Kalahandi districts, the Orissa government is examining the option of providing

Bhubaneswar : With its hopes to source bauxite from the Niyamgiri hills for its alumina refinery at Lanjigarh dashed, Vedanta Resources has applied for laterite deposits to run the plant till bauxi

Bhubhaneshwar : With the seventh gram sabha deciding against the mining of bauxite from Niyamgiri, the chances of Vedanta Resources getting the raw material from the hills for its 1-million-tonne L

Bhubaneswar: The Comptroller & Auditor General of India(CAG) has detected large-scale irregularities in allotment of land and houses by the Orissa government and estimates a scam of about R4,000 crore.

While sending a draft report to the Orissa government, a copy of which is available with FE, the CAG has suggested that the land and houses allotted to various individuals and organisations is in violation of the laws and policies and be cancelled immediately.

Tata Steel fears that it may have to start its 3-million-tonne Kalinganagar steel plant without a captive iron ore mine, since the state has not taken any initiative as yet to allot it a mine.

Anand Sen Tata Steel’s vice-president for quality management and in-charge of Kalinga Nagar project told FE the company would need 4.8 million tonne of iron ore per annum to run its 3 mtpa plant and by this time the government should have allotted the mines.

Bhubaneswar The Orissa government has finalised the new MoU to be signed with Posco India to set up a steel plant in the state.

Bhubaneshwar The MoU with Posco India for its 12 million tonne steel project in Orissa will be renewed by July 10. The MoU, signed in June 2005, expired last year. The government is working on details to complete the renewal of Posco India's MoU by July 10," said state chief secretary BK Patnaik.

Bhubaneswar Just what is taking the Orissa government so long to renew the MoU with Posco that expired last June? Chief secretary BK Patnaik says he is thoroughly examining the MoU in view of the