A slightly unsavoury idea but urine has actually been found to cure several illnesses. And this belief drew hundreds of delegates to the three-day long First World Conference on Auto Urine

The heavenly idyll of a carefree people, happy to welcome tourists, gay in their carnival, peaceloving and gastronomic, is being devastated due to the avarice of miners

Attempts are on to save Goa's sinking salt industry which has used traditional production methods since the 10th century

For the 15th time since 1981, Indian scientists sailed from Goa for Antarctica in early December, 1995. "Our purpose of this expedition is not that scientists should repeat themselves year after

Seaweed may emerge as the future food alternative of India and curb infant mortality besides being an "energy crop"

Tourism Concern, a London network drawing attention to the rights of people living in the tourist hotspots of the world, recently publiclsed Goa's tourism problems in the UK's mainstream

Goa trawler owners protest against fishing ban during monsoon proves to be a damp squib

After the proposed Nylon 6,6 plant in Goa was discussed threadbare and opposed by many, the Greens succeeded in having the project shifted out