I have posed 50 questions each to the founders of 50 young Indian biomedical firms that are less than 5 years old. The questions were on the following themes: the backgrounds of the founders and their employees, the area of work of the company, its location and incubation experience, its funding and expenditure, its IP and licensing, its clients, and its risks and challenges. Several are doing pioneering work and the overall picture is impressive. The country should become a source of appropriate, high quality and affordable biomedical products and services in a few year.

The current drug discovery paradigm in the West is constrained in what it can do, primarily due to the funding model. Here we envisage a hypothetical non-governmental, non-profit organization called the Centre for Affordable Medicine. By sourcing innovation from a network of academic and corporate partners, and working primarily in India, it could lower the cost of innovation. Funding could be from a variety of players that expect a social, not financial, return.