Gujarat generates 8,336 metric tons of urban solid waste per day. The total solid waste generation in the country was1.33 lakh metric tons.

The much awaited Asiatic Lion census, covering one of the biggest ever area in its census will cover over 1500 villages around the sanctuary.

Here is some good news for wildlife enthusiasts. Much like the Asiatic lions, the wild ass population in Gujarat has shot up to 4451, a jump of 454.

Gujarat forest department has taken up a study on fluorosis among the lions in Lathi Liliya area. Anand Veterinary Institute has been entrusted with the task.

AHMEDABAD: The average annual minimum temperature in Gujarat is increasing by 0.02 degree celsius every year, while the maximum temperature is also increasing at the same rate.

The FSI-2013 report also includes 12 states of the country which have mangrove cover. Of these states, Gujarat is the only one to show a significant growth — of 45 sq km — in mangrove forests.

Safety measures for lions are likely to figure in the state's budgetary provisions this year.

AHMEDABAD: The Madhya Pradesh government has forwarded a proposal for Rs 80 crore assistance to the Union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF), for the lion conservation project to be taken u

Gir And Girnar Likely To Be First In India To Find Place On Both Culture, Nature Lists.

The number of herbivorous animals in the Gir wildlife sanctuary increased by 6.48% in the last one year.