Ahmedabad: The biennial vulture census will take place in the state on May 28-29.

AHMEDABAD: Despite speaking big about e-waste disposal for the past three years, little has been done on that front by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

AHMEDABAD: In a major boost to safeguarding public health from irresponsible biomedical waste disposal and related hazards, the new Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules now require a b

Teak has the highest capacity for carbon sequestration among trees in India.

While the state's 523 lions have been provided around 500 cement-concrete watering troughs, the 5,000-odd blackbuck in and around Velavadar and the 4,451 wild asses in the Little Rann of Kutch (LRK

The State Government to fight malnourished has spent over Rs 1161.26 crore in two years from 2014-15. Of these Rs485 crore were given as reimbursement grant by the central government.

AHMEDABAD: Every hour, at least one person is killed in road mishaps in the state.

AHMEDABAD: The Socio-Economic Review of Gujarat has revealed that 1.47 lakh of the 43 lakh children at anganwadis in the state were found to be suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

Ahmedabad: Sowing for rabi season is nearing its end. Data released by the state's agriculture department, however, shows a 40% drop in land cultivated this season in Saurashtra.

AHMEDABAD: The State Board for Wildlife has approved a 23-km Narmada Canal branch from Suvai to Chobari in Kutch district, and also given its go ahead for a 289.32-km long 765 KV high tension line