AMC Plans Metered Supply In All Areas

Instead of hinging on a pilot project for metering Jodhpur ward, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is of the opinion that metered water connection should be extended to the entire city at a single go. It will take the project five years to be implemented in the entire city in phases. The hurry being that unless the city plans for a metered supply, the AMC will not be eligible for the second phase of the JNNURM funds.

Ahmedabad: These tiny creatures love heavy metal. It’s not music we mean, but toxic metals like cadmium, mercury, chromium, lead and zinc: stuff that not only cause cancer but also trigger impairments in humans after they seep into our soil and groundwater. A five-year research at the Central University of Gujarat (CUG) has zeroed in on a special group of microbes — mainly bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes — that not only munch on these deadly wastes but also turn the land useful by a process of bio-cleansing.

Ahmedabad: An extract from the ubiquitous household plant tulsi is found to protect one from harmful nuclear radiations—during a war situation or in the event of a nuclear reactor leak. The extracted phytochemicals from tulsi are now being turned into a drug at a Gujarat facility – Gujarat

Liqui Pharmacaps Limited (GLPL) in Padra on the outskirts of Vadodara city.The drug will be India's indigenous defence against all kinds of radiation and even prove to be a boon for cancer patients to alleviate the side effects of radiotherapy treatment.

Public Roads, Govt Land Will Suffice, Says Metrolink
Ahmedabad: The fact that land acquisition has become a sensitive issue across India has apparently handed the state government a new tool to market its prized metro rail project linking Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The Gujarat government is now touting it as ‘zero land acquisition project’.