Annual cancer mortality in India is 5 lakh

The Cabinet today approved a multi crore scheme to provide for improved cancer care in India by setting up 20 new state cancer institutes and 50 new tertiary cancer care centres across the country.

BHUBANESWAR: The State Government has started moves to establish a Directorate of Radiation Safety to regulate the functioning of medical diagnostic radiology facilities like X-ray units mushroomin

Ahmedabad: An extract from the ubiquitous household plant tulsi is found to protect one from harmful nuclear radiations—during a war situation or in the event of a nuclear reactor leak. The extracted phytochemicals from tulsi are now being turned into a drug at a Gujarat facility – Gujarat

Liqui Pharmacaps Limited (GLPL) in Padra on the outskirts of Vadodara city.The drug will be India's indigenous defence against all kinds of radiation and even prove to be a boon for cancer patients to alleviate the side effects of radiotherapy treatment.

On eve of World Cancer Day on Friday, there were a number of young men who were battling for life in hospitals because they could not kick the addiction of tobacco.

In Ahmedabad as well as in Gujarat, spread of oral cancer is alarming. “Oral cancer accounts for 40 per cent cancers in men in the state. This is because of high addiction to gutkha,” said noted head and neck cancer surgeon of HCG Medisurge, Dr Kaustubh Patel.

New Delhi: Radiotherapy for breast cancer patients could soon be a single dose 30-minute affair, instead of the tedious present-day regimen lasting over six weeks.

Vidya Krishnan Posted: Wednesday, Jun 03, 2009 at 0232 hrs IST

New Delhi: Fresh trouble seems to be brewing at the Lok Nayak Hospital. While radioactive material abandoned at the hospital

toxicity unleashed: In a controversial move, the EU has legalised the herbicide paraquat even as the bloc's own risk classification and labelling lists the chemical as acutely toxic. The US, too, has

An out of body operation stirs interest

Only one-fifthy of the total number of lymphoma (tumor of the lymphid tissue or lymph nodes) cases reported in northern India are women says on going US-sponsored study at the ALL India Institute

When 35-year-old Jayamma was brought to the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology ((KMIO) in Bangalore for advanced cervical cancer treatment, little did she anticipate the nightmare that lay in