The State Government (Department of Forest) has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Environment and Forests on allotting 20,000 hectares of forestland to convert it into a tiger sanctuary in Kanyakumari district.

However, it is objected to by farmers as well as Kani tribes as the formation of the tiger sanctuary will definitely affect their livelihood. According to a cross section of farmers who depend on agriculture, particularly cash crops, say that the conversion will disastrously affect the lives of more than 5 lakh people who are dependent on this forestland and hence, they have demanded the immediate cancellation of the proposed project.

The present yard poses a threat to residents of Nagercoil Municipality

It is high time the district administration explored ways to ensure safe and scientific disposal of garbage collected from the Nagercoil municipal limit and other extension areas either in the existing compost yard at Valampurai Vilai, situated in the heart of the town or in some other places.

Thanks to a favourable agro-climatic condition
Horticulture crops cultivation is picking up in the district as it is having a favourable agro-climatic condition.