The study was carried out to analyze behavioural pattern of stakeholders–inhabitants of Chandrapur city as well as employees of Chandrapur Municipal Corporation (CMC)–towards the “Clean India Mission” scheme as compared with previous scheme of women’s self help group. For behavioural change analysis field survey was carried out in October 2015 in Chandrapur city. Total 41 respondent including inhabitants and employees of CMC were interviewed.

Farm tank (bodi) constitutes a small water reservoir constructed by using available natural materials to store rainwater for irrigation purposes during post monsoon season. It receives water from rainfall and runoff from the surrounding catchment area during monsoon period and this serves for irrigation purposes of paddy fields.

Ferrite treatment is one of the promising technique to remove the impurities from water and wastewater system. A study was carried out for the preparation of copper ferrite and its applications in water and wastewater treatment processes as a pollutant scavenger.

Groundwater sampling was carried out at 25 locations from dug wells and bore wells in Rajpura tehsil in Chandrapur district during post monsoon season (October 2009) to assertion groundwater fluoride concentration.

Increased incidences of groundwater nitrate and its impact on human health especially in infants as blue baby disease, has initiated to determine groundwater nitrate concentration in Chandrapur city of Maharashtra state. Groundwater sampling was carried out at 18 locations from dug wells and bore wells from the study area.

Increased incidences of fluoride concentration in groundwater and its impact on human health, was initiated to determine groundwater fluoride concentration in East Imphal District of Manipur.