..and other dynamic stories on the politics of genetic behaviour. The evidence, of course, is scientific

Discovering new bird and animal species just became easier

In just five years, the Centre for Ecological Research at Kyoto University in Japan has attained exemplary status and is doing pioneering work in ecological research

Similarities between human beings and social insects extend to even stealing. One ant species, probably too lazy to forage, has found that when it comes to pilfering food from other ant colonies, the right "Perfume" can pay off.

The conventional belief is that animals don't live into old age, but succumb much earlier to "unnatural" causes. Recent research, however, indicates there's old age in the wild, too.

Among white fronted bee eaters, a bird species found abundantly in east and central Africa, fathers torment their sons and physically prevent them from breeding. The sons in time abandon efforts family life and return to the parental nest as helpers

Biodiversity - the billions of life forms that exist on earth - ranges in size from microscopic be viruses to blue whales that are more than 30 metres long. Conserving biodiversity humankind"s greatest challenge.