The success of various programmes initiated under a pilot project in Orangi, a Karachi slum, has inspired its leader to predict the squatter colony would become a thriving section of the city in a few years.

A worldwide initiative to save the ancient city is trying to lower the water table around it and bind back the Indus before it gets washed away

Akhtar Hameed Khan is one of Asia's foremost social organisers. The Orangi Pilot Proiect, Karachi's outstanding slum development programme, testifies to his innovative approach in empowering ordinary people to transform their environment

In Pakistan, they are controlling population growth by raising the living standards of local communities through Pasbaan, the social development wing of the country's family planning association

A short term economic policy has meant more unemployment and poverty as well as a slower growth rate and environmental degradation

Many economists now argue that nature cannot be the provider of a perpetual free lunch. It's time to account for natural resource degradation while drawing up balance sheets

IN Pakistan, environmentalists have gone to court to save the houbara bustard from being hunted by wealthy Arabs. The bustard case has not only angered the Gulf states, it has also provoked a surge