Accurate estimation of the groundwater budget requires good estimate of flux across the boundary of a region. Different methods and techniques are available to estimate recharge to groundwater; however methods for estimation of flux across boundaries are not available. The present article represents a GISbased methodology to estimate the groundwater flow rate and volume of water flux across the boundary. Groundwater level data (pre-monsoon and postmonsoon) are used to derive detailed maps like flow direction, hydraulic gradient and velocity component perpendicular to the boundary.

Development of representative conceptual groundwater flow model is an important step before translating it into a numerical model. In this paper, a methodology for development of conceptual groundwater flow model has been presented in which spatially distributed values for groundwater recharge has been utilized instead of lump sum average values of recharge normally obtained by water budgeting method. The study also extensively uses GIS for preprocessing of hydrological, hydrogeological and geological data.