Since 1976, in the northeastern hill region of Mizoram intensive collections of maize landraces were made by ICAR-NBPGR, New Delhi and diversity of landraces maize from this region comprised 36% of the total collection from whole India, which was the highest number of accession among other regions . The maize landraces in this region were reported to show extensive variability for plant, tassel, ear and kernel characteristics, and are interesting from the viewpoints of breeding, diffusion and evolution of maize. (Correspondence)

Newspapers recently carried an artist's vivid imaging of a collision of Earth and Mars that is supposed to take place some three billion years from now. As I was pondering over the image of the two planets melting into each other, I was reminded of a conversation

This paper deals with legal, administrative, social and policy aspects of constraints for people's participation in wastelands afforestation programme. The present study was conducted in three categories of villages of Uttar Pradesh.