When an equal amount of sulphate (deposited by acid rain) was added, it reduced methane emission by 43 per cent.

A company that has 1,600 farmers' families as shareholders - report of Savvy Soumya Mishra from Raipur This summer if you use a prickly heat powder manufactured by Emami think of Agricon Agropreneurs Limited. The Raipur-based public limited company supplies mentha, a common ingredient in many beauty products, to the cosmetic major. Set up two years ago, Agricon has given farmers much-needed clout in their dealings with cosmetic companies.

Lost for whether to boil, steam or fry? Savvy Soumya Mishra finds out THE current dieting fad is that food, when eaten raw, is healthy. But there is now a study that shows that there are foods that are more nutritious when cooked. Researchers in Italy studied preparation methods of three vegetables