NEW DELHI: Gujarat is still smarting over the loss of some of its Gir lions to Madhya Pradesh.

New Delhi: The film grabbed one’s attention. It showed a billboard spouting water out of thin air. It seemed just the answer to the drought in India’s western regions.

Survey Among 1,800 Kids In Delhi, Agra, Bangalore And Pune Throws Up Shocking Facts

An extensive survey among children has found that while 19.2% males and 18.1% females were overweight/obese, a whopping 64.8% of mothers were in a similar condition. These findings were part of a three-year survey done among 1,800 children aged 9-18 years in government and private schools and were recently accepted by international peer-reviewed journal ‘Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism’. It was conducted in Delhi, Agra, Bangalore and Pune by Diabetes Foundation, India (DFI).