SAARC's proposal to set up a gene bank is still hanging fire though Northern countries have already started to privatise their genetic resources

In Nepal, camps for making children more environmentally conscious are proving increasingly popular. And in many families it's the children who are awakening their parents to these issues.

An average trekker uses as much firewood in a day as an average Nepali family would in a week.

Gandruk, a small Nepali village on a popular trekking route, will be visited by more than 80,000 tourists before the year ends. But an unusual conservation project makes sure the ecology of the area is protected

Pollution, disorderly urban growth and inadequate basic services are plaguing the Kathmandu valley and adversely affecting tourism, the valley's major revenue earner. Tourism itself is a burden on the valley's resources. Attempts are being made to stem t

The state is slowly withdrawing from the welfare sector leaving voluntary organisations in a quandary