NHPC To Kick-Start Rs 600 Crore Project Soon
Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government has roped in National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) to kick-start 18 micro power plants on the Narmada canal all over Gujarat at the cost of Rs 600 crore.

GANDHINAGAR: On rooftops, terraces and gardens in the babu-dominated edifices of Gandhinagar, there seems to be a quiet experiment going on for the last three months. Mini windmills and photo-voltaic cells have been erected to power thousands of tubelights, fans and calling bells the three things that are used incessantly in babudom.

AHMEDABAD: One of the main clinchers for Ahmedabad being rated as the numero uno city to have implemented environment-friendly measures in its operations was cutting down on energy consumption.

AHMEDABAD: Imagine a house running only on solar energy. From water heater to every light bulb. This thought could turn into a reality soon, with a sharp rise in number of takers for this alternative and green power source.

Advanced solar appliances have become popular among educational institutes and corporate houses to generate thermal and electric energy.


Ahmedabad:Top companies pledged investments close to Rs 3,82,675 crore in 125 projects in power generation, renewable energy and petroleum sectors of Gujarat on the first day of Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit (VGGIS) 2009 on Monday.

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Ahmedabad: The country


GANDHINAGAR: Vibrant Gujarat wants to dot some of state's major canal networks, including the Narmada main canal, with mini-micro-hydro power projects. And imagine whom does it propose to choose for this - a company called Krishna Kanhaiya Hydro Power Pvt Ltd, owned by a UK-based NRI Riyen Ramani.

Already, it has earned a contract worth Rs 18 crore to start building mini-microhydro power projects on the canal coming out of Karjan dam, lying dormant for nearly three decades.