Rising oil prices have raised several technical concerns for the tendering process of BRTS buses. The increase in CNG and diesel prices would mean a direct impact on Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL)'s revenue, the governing body of BRTS in the city. The tendering process has been postponed by a week. The operators have already sounded their concerns to the AJL board about a possible increase in operations cost. This cost is to be paid by the AJL to the BRTS operators per kilometre.

Farmers along the Gujarat coast should have been rejoicing at the prospect of a timely monsoon. Instead, they have suddenly become gloomy after unnaturally aggressive high tides have filled their fields and ponds with saline seawater. Many fear a drinking water crisis as their ponds, meant to store fresh rain water, are now brimming over with saline water. Farmers say they may not be able to cultivate anything for years together as their fields have become saline.

Memories of one of the worst cyclones in Gujarat's history that hit Kandla in 1998 have been revived for many in the region with sea water entering low-lying hutments for the fourth consecutive day on Friday during high tide. Residents, mainly labourers working with the Kandla Port Trust (KPT), said although it was common for water to enter hutments during high tides, the phenomenon never occurred four days in a row.

This is last of a three-part series on carbon and climate change to show how global adversity can be changed into an opportunity Priyadarshi Shukla Ahmedabad: There is an evolving carbon market where carbon offsets are traded. The largest is the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS) established for offsetting emissions limitation committed under the Kyoto Protocol.

Skyrocketing Prices Have Driven Vehicle Owners To Look At Alternatives Kumar Manish | TNN Ahmedabad: Car owners, who have felt the pinch of the fuel price hike the most, have started mulling options to switch over to cheaper fuel like compressed natural gas(CNG) or auto liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). With the price of petrol going up by Rs 5 and diesel by Rs 3, authorized CNG dealers in the city are flooded with inquires by four-wheeler owners regarding the pros and cons of CNG kits.

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Have you got your child checked for anaemia? A recent study on family healthy, carried out by the National Family Health Survey suggests that 80 per cent children in Gujarat are anaemic. Gujarat ranks 12th among 19 states with 80 per cent children anaemic, especially those aged between 6 months and 3 years. Gujarat has also got the dubious distinction of having one of the highest infant mortality rate.

Imagine 24X7 drinking water supply in all households of urban Gujarat! The unthinkable in this semi-arid state will start at Morbi, a water-starved Saurashtra town, where 34,000 metered connections will start providing round-the-clock drinking water to the entire town in two years. Gandhinagar town, which already has good pipelines, may be even quicker. After the state government has made 24-hour electricity supply possible in Gujarat villages, it is now planning an encore in the water supply front also.

Minor tremor measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale was recorded in the Surat city on Tuesday, an official said. However, no damage of properties were reported from any part of the city, district officals added. "The tremor was of 3.5 magnitude on the Richter Scale with epicentre located north-east of Surat city," said B K Rastogi, Director of Institute of Sesmological Research, Gandhinagar. According to sources, the tremor was felt in the Chowk Bazar, Katargam, Wade Road, Rander and other areas of Surat at 1427 hours where people were seen rushing out of the buildings.