Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Jaydipsinh M. Chauhan & Others Vs State of Gujarat dated 27/03/2019 regarding pollution caused by the Bhagirath Asphalt Plant in the Seagam, G. Gandhi Nagar Sector, at village of Thakorana Mosampura Tehsil Dehagam, G. Gandhi Nagar. According to the applicant, the said plant is causing air pollution because of the dust particles and gases which are inhaled by the inhabitants and the livestock, adversely affecting their health.

AHMEDABAD: As part of the month-long Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan launched on Gujarat’s Foundation Day on Tuesday, chief minister Vijay Rupani has said the government plans to de-silt or dig up 11,0

The present work is mainly focused on the Geotechnical properties of the areas in Gandhinagar district. The recent growth which is associated with urbanization in Gandhinagar -Ahmedabad Township calls for appropriate geotechnical investigations of soils of the area. Representative soil samples were collected from the Sabarmati River bed near Gandhinagar area and were investigated as per Indian standard for their index properties with a view to classifying for their use in infrastructural development.

AHMEDABAD: There has been no respite from the icy chills as cold wave prevailed across the state again on Sunday and minimum temperatures continued to plummet at various places.

AHMEDABAD: Ten more people who suffered from heat stroke were admitted to hospitals on Tuesday, even as the mercury showed some mercy and settled on the high at 43.5 degrees celsius.

Swine flu has started raising its ugly head over Kutch region once again. In the last two weeks 29 cases of swine flu, including one death, has been reported in this region.

Of the 51,117 schoolchildren, 18,588 were found to be anemic in the state capital Gandhinagar. Also, 12,204 students in Gandhinagar had worms.

Gandhinagar district has 14,332 malnourished children, according to the state government's own data. What's more, 1,374 children of these are severely underweight.

Govt Fails To Come Out With New Policy Despite SC Guidelines

Gandhinagar: Despite Supreme Court’s order to clear encroachments and restrict sale of pastoral (gauchar) land, Gujarat still has more than 12,000 cases related to illegal possession of pastoral lands.

Despite the tall claims of the Narendra Modi-led Gujarat government on human development in the state, there are more than 1.94 lakh highly-malnourished children in 16 districts of Gujarat.