Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government has formed an experts group to examine the feasibility of laying down of underground pipeline for providing waters to irrigate 18 lakh hectares (ha) in the Narmada command area.

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Ahmedabad: Mango trees full of flowers is an indication that the crop this year will be sweet. Going by the full bloom in Saurashtra and even Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, the state is heading for a good mango yield.

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Ahmedabad: Gandhinagar has the maximum concentration of Totally Dissolved Solids in its water, shows a state-wide survey. The state capital showed a TDS level of 3,800 parts per million against the permissible limit of 2,000ppm, followed by Mehsana (3,700ppm).

Ahmedabad: For once, Gandhinagar will have its own distinct lake to flaunt. Called Gandhinagar Lake, this water body will be ready by February next year and will be the single largest lake in the city. It is being developed by various departments, including roads and buildings department while the greening bit will be undertaken by the forest department.

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Himanshu Kaushik | TNN

Ahmedabad: Roars of

There Will Be No Load-Shedding For Industry
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Gandhinagar: Realising the deep danger of crop failure looming large in the wake of erratic and uneven rainfall across Gujarat, the state government has started to supply power to farmers for 19 hours a day.

GANDHINAGAR: An additional burden of Rs 3,656 crore has been levied on the consumer in past three years as fuel adjustment cost (FAC) or fuel surcharge. However, of this, around Rs 346 crore has been borne by state government.

AHMEDABAD: That meat you are about to gobble may be buzzing with anthrax virus, ready to eat you up instead! Conveying this message were four PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) volunteers at Law Garden on Wednesday afternoon.

Adam Halliday Posted: Saturday , Jun 06, 2009 at 0241 hrs IST

NANDOL (GANDHINAGAR): There is still no palpable fear in Nandol village of Gandhinagar district, officially declared as Anthrax-hit this week. Unaware of the fatal nature of the blight, the residents sit and watch veterinarians in protective gear going around vaccinating their animals.