The “Endosulfan poisoning “ at Kasargod was first reported in the media in 1979 by Sri. Shreepadre farm journalist from the village Padre. The Plantation Corporation of Kerala started areal spraying of endosulfan in its cashew plantations in Kasargod district in 1976.

The endosulfan tragedy which occurred in Kasaragod district of Kerala, India is now well known. It is considered by many experts in the field of pesticide toxicity as one of the worst pesticide disasters to happen to a region and its people. The tragedy occurred for various reasons, starting with the recommendation to use such a chemical in a populated, waterbody

Over 1.7 million acres of land in Andhra Pradesh are now farmed under Non Pesticidal Management. Almost all the important crops in Andra Pradesh grow in these villages. Villagers are developing, with institutional mechanisms of their own, as service providers and cooperatives, showing that NPM is economically sustainable and well accepted by farmers.