The Indian silkworm which has traditionally produced rich skills can now be manipulated to produce a vaccine for hepatitis B. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bangalore have

A rare disease called degnella has affected a large number of buffaloes in parts of Murshidabad. In the past month, 6,000 buffaloes suffered from the disease, cure for which is yet to be found,

The commerce ministry has identified 10 agricultural products to be promoted in the next two years to bite into the $600 billion agri products market.The market for these products is set to grow,

Alarmed at the partial damage to pulses, mustard and wheat rabi crop in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, due to prolonged cloudy weather, rain and hail, the Union Agriculture

The Government of Assam is currently implementing 41 schemes under the State Plan for development of agriculture and allied sectors in the

The government has been asked to ban export of non-renewable soil resources from the country, especially from the coastal region of

In Madhya Pradesh, Nimar Area is affected by pests and about 30 to 40 percent cotton crop is destroyed. Farmers are unhappy as pesticides of all the brands are prone to be unaffected.

Monsanto Co. expects its bio-engineered soyabean seed to take Argentina - the world's third-largest soyabean grower - by storm.The US-based agriculture company expects its Roundup Ready soyabean

For the first time in the country the Oriental insurance company had introduced a comprehensive coconut palm insurance scheme here on Thursday. Chairman-cum-managing director of the company M V

Soyabean production in the country can be doubled by 2002 , the terminal year, of the Ninth Plan by bringing over nine million hectares of "fallow" land under cultivation. "By using short-duration