Vadodara/Anand: A French couple on a world tour on bicycles to promote and study dairying across the globe visited Anand on Tuesday.

Vadodara/Anand: The leopard that had injured 12 people in Anand

The vulnerability of natural systems to rapid changes in climate pattern is regarded as one of the most challenging issues in recent years. This paper analyzes the annual rainfall pattern in the Mahi Right Bank Canal (MRBC) irrigation command area located in central Gujarat and evaluates its effects on cropping pattern, crop plantation schedules observed by the farmers in the command area under the study.

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Ahmedabad: The state agriculture department has started a crop survey (annawari) to estimate loss of standing crop due to delay in monsoon and deficit rains in several pockets in the state.

Affected Animals Have Been Shifted To A Panjrapol In Ahmedabad
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Sixty cows on Anand Agriculture University (AAU) campus have been diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB), causing concern in the milk capital

AHMEDABAD: Her name evokes awe and fear among government officials. She is considered a hard taskmaster and a revolutionary of sorts in her village Khaksar in Tarapur taluka of Anand district.

Anand Agricultural University (AAU), Anand, Gujarat had prepared almanac predicting district-wise daily rainfall during monsoon 2008 for the farming community as well as planners. The rainfall projection by AAU for the state as a whole was quite good with +6.3% departure from actual rainfall which was less than 10%.

Ahmedabad : The state government rubbished all villagers' claims on Nano plot in Chharodi village at Sanand. This statement was made by the state revenue department when the matter came up for hearing at Gujarat high court on Tuesday.

Gujarat state of India receives annual rainfall of 828 mm in 35 rainy days with coefficient of variation of 50%. Considering the abnormality of weather particularly rainfall during the monsoon, Anand Agricultural University (AAU), Anand, Gujarat has prepared almanac predicting district-wise daily rainfall during monsoon 2007 for beneficiaries for the farming community as well as planners.

The National Sample Survey Organization notes that in 2003, marginal and small farmers constituted 90.4 per cent of all farmers in India, but held only 43.4 per cent of land. The study was undertaken in Anand district of central Gujarat during September 2007.