The tropical rainforests of Andaman islands are under threat - not from illegal felling of timber or clearing of forests for development activities - but from being finished off by an invasive spec

Looking for new ways to deal with the rising ecological challenges in urban areas of the state, the Omar Abdullah government is sending out delegations of MLAs on study tours across the country.

Mangroves are salt tolerant plants that occur between 32°N and 38°S latitudes. Mangroves play an important role in stabilizing shoreline and protect the coast against storm surges and heavy tides. Though the mangrove inventory has been done earlier in India using satellite data but no systematic attempts has been made to map the mangroves at the community level for the entire country. The present paper reports the mangrove inventory at community level for India using Resourcesat-1 satellite data. State wise inventory on the mangrove area and the dominant communities are presented.

With the forest cover of 77,700 square kilometre area Madhya Pradesh retain its coveted title of number of state of the country in terms of forest cover, according to Indian State of Forest Report

A slight intensity earthquake, measuring 4.8 on Richter scale, jolted region of Andaman Islands today.

A mass stranding of whales has been found on the coast of North Andaman Island, but rescue operations were not possible given the large size of the mammals, wildlife officials today said.

The Coast Guard has started looking for an alternative site to deploy its coastal radars in Andaman and Nicobar Islands after the Environment Ministry red-flagged its plan to put them up at Narcond

To save the habitat of an endangered species of bird, Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan has rejected the Navy’s proposal to set up a missile testing site at Tillanchong Sanctuary in the Andam

In order to protect the endangered Narcondam Hornbill, which is estimated to number less than 350, and its only habitat, the Environment Ministry has refused to clear a critical Ministry of Defence

The Union Environment Ministry has taken the side of conservationists fighting for survival of 300-odd Narcondam hornbills, threatened by a Coast Guard plan to set up a radar surveillance system on the tiny island in the Andamans where the birds make their home.

On August 31, the Ministry of Environment and Forests issued an order rejecting the proposal, suggesting that the Coast Guard explore other options, “like installation of off-shore structures and several other viable options…which can spare the unique habitat of Narcondam Island from disturbance,