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This book envisages to re-create the process by way of which buildings and entire habitats can be designed to respond to nature with climate as the basic parameter of design. It discusses the methodology of design, design tools, latest developments in energy efficient architecture and materials, and is suitably aided by case studies and actual projects.

About 2,000 years ago, when the Romans ruled London, they gave the city its first centrally heated homes. A look back in time

lutyens Bungalow Zone, one of the greenest areas in New Delhi, should be razed and replaced by multi-storey apartments, says Union urban affairs minister Ram Jethmalani. The government has

Experts are now busy implementing an innovative technique for preventing the leaning tower of Pisa from going overboard

This book provides a balanced international overview of the way forward, showing how choice of materials and construction processes, response to landscape and climate, and - not to be forgotten - the involvement of users, can together solve environmental problems and produce a diverse architecture to suit human and regional needs.

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It is normal for people in many countries to build their own houses, especially among the poor. Now, a British architect, Walter Segal, has developed a timber-frame building system based on

SUHASINI AYER GUIGAN is an architect concerned with issues of rural development and habitat. Holding a degree in architecture from the Delhi based School of Planning and Architecture, she has spent nearly a decade working on earth construction, and is cur

A modular bridge kit made of railroad flatcar decks