the majestic image you see on the right is going to fade away. The Crawford market in south Mumbai is going to be "redeveloped'. On March 10, amid strong protests from heritage activists, majority

SURVEYS show that air conditioning units, which emit greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming, consume over 50 per cent electricity in buildings in India. Brian Ford, professor of Bio-climatic architecture in University of Nottingham, says this percentage can be brought down by designing buildings that promote natural ventilation. Ford was the consultant of the Sydney Olympic stadium and the Torrent Research laboratories in Gujarat, India.

Want to have a go at building you own ecocity of the future?

Low- and zero-energy buildings could have a huge impact on energy use and carbon emissions. We have the technologies, but if they are to mitigate climate change, green-building design must hit the mass market : a report.

With go-green as a password, the growing need for the green building must now become a palpable reality and a beginning is being made.

San Francisco may soon boast the greenest buildings in the US.

In North America, consideration of life cycle environmental, economic and social aspects of buildings is in vogue. This trend is clear in part from the booming memberships of the U.S. and Canadian Green Building Councils and Sustainable Buildings Canada and the growing number of buildings and communities using environmental rating systems. How green is your home? Buildings, both in design and choice of materials, have significant impacts on environment. Much of the concern boils down to the use of energy. How


it's time we got worried about the way we build our houses, offices and markets. As more people migrate to cities, the need for more buidlings is causing a construction boom. This in turn makes