It may not be the most powerful or the very stylish. But as the most user-friendly bike, Hero Honda has sped far ahead in the race for market capitalisation. Sporting an economical and optimised

Some bats could well be making the belfries they live in. Jae Choe of Harvard University has recently discovered in Panama a bat (Uroderma bilobatum) that constructs sophisticated wigwams in several

IMAGINE a building swaying like a pendulum so that it doesn't crumble during an earthquake. Engineer Victor Zayas of Earthquake Protection Systems in San Francisco has designed just such a system

Ever since humans learnt to make shelters, they knew how to regulate sunlight to heat or cool buildings.

SHORTAGE of space is a familiar lament of city folk fond of gardening. But now, architect Gosta Nilsson has found a novel way to make walls using hollow concrete blocks that could be filled with sand

WHEN WILLIAM Morris began his epic, The Earthly Paradise, with these lines in 1868, he was reacting to the effects of the Industrial Revolution and the unbridled urban growth of 19th century England.

A Chinese architect claims he can stop the Leaning Tower of Pisa from tilting further, and even bring it back to the original angle of tilt.

It is possible to design buildings that stay cool in summer and warm in winter and save energy. But interest in solar passive architecture is still limited