OCTOPUSES, sting rays and other marine creatures may soon have their first encounter with a personal computer (PC). Bruce W Macdonald, a marine engineer at the Australian Institute of Marine Science

Remember how Hansel and Gretel followed a trail of bread crumbs back home? Australian scientists have engineered an industrial robot that spits out camphor, which it can later detect and follow. The

IRKSOME mosquitoes? Forget mosquito repellant mats, grow a geranium instead, and have the odour of citronella waft the annoying creatures away. An Australian company has developed a new plant --

THE PACIFIC island-state of Nauru, once abundant in phosphates deposited by birds, now lies devastated and desolate. Most of the phosphate was mined by Australia and royalties made the Nauruans one

The wealthy people of Nauru face a future of poverty because most of their only natural resource, phosphates, has been exploited ruthlessly by Australia.

Scientists are trying to make designer solids substances whose molecules they assemble according to a predetermined plan

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Paul Keating dismissed fears that the concept of giving aborigines title to native land could put the country's agriculture and mining industries at risk. Keating was

NEVER take an expert's word as gospel -- that's what a team of Australian schoolboys would tell you. Despite experts warning them their project wouldn't work, the schoolboys have successfully built

SHEEP treated with a protein found in the salivary glands of male mice can shed their fleece on their own. Scientists use the protein produced artificially through genetic manipulation in a

AUSTRALIAN astronomers have chanced upon a rare type of pulsar (a word coined from pulsating star) -- a cosmic source of regular and rapid pulses of radiation, usually at radio frequencies. The