KENDRAPARA: The Bhitarkanika forest department has imposed a two-and-half-month ban from May 15 to July 31 on entry of tourists and visitors to Bhitarkanika National Park during the mating and nesting season of salt-water crocodiles.

The forest department will also renovate five ponds at the Crocodile Breeding Centre at Dangamala within the park, said Prasanna Kumar Behera, DFO of the park.

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The saltwater crocodile (SWC), Crocodylus porosus is perhaps the largest living reptile in the world. captive breeding of SWCs was initiated by the Forest Department of Orissa in 1975 at Dangmal, the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary (BWLS). With increase in the SWC population, conflicts with humans and livestock also have been on the rise.

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kENDRAPARA: As many as 1572 estuarine crocodiles, including two measuring more than 20 feet, were sighted by the Forest officials in the water bodies of Bhitarakanika National Park during the week-long census. This was informed by Prasanna Kumar Behera, DFO of the park.

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KENDRAPARA: The forest and wildlife officials are taking help of GPS (Global Positioning System) to count the crocodiles during the week-long annual salt-water crocodile census in the rivers, creeks and other water bodies within the Bhitarkanika National Park. The census, which began on January 12, will continue till January 18.

KENDRAPARA: The Forest and Veterinary officials have sounded alert in Bhitarkanika after large numbers of migratory birds started arriving in the national park with the onset on winter.

The officials have also taken precautionary steps to detect any sick birds in the park and its nearby areas, said Dr Keshaba Chandra Mohanty, Chief District Veterinary Officer (CDVO).

Migratory birds sing winter song in Bhitarkanika park focus Akshaya Kumar Sahoo Akshaya Kumar Sahoo

Migrant birds have started thronging Raipatia water bodies near Satabhaya forest block, enlivening the serene internationally acclaimed Ramsar wetland site in Orissa

KENDRAPARA: Around 29 villages inhabited by 35,000 villagers within Bhitarakanika National Park have no proper road communication system, thanks to government indifference. Due to this reason, villagers, who mostly depend on agriculture and pisciculture, find it difficult to sell their products, particularly perishable items.

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