A requiem for the nuclear plant

The closure of Chernobyl sends a clear message. Nuclear power is dangerous and unprofitable

ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear plant will be closed down permanently from December 15, 2000. "It's a political decision and the closing of the plant would be a historic event,' Ukraine's president

more than a decade after the explosion of Ukraine's Chernobyl's nuclear power station, the radioactive leak is threatening to cripple the health of the younger generations. "Statistics show

Ukraine puts conditions for closing the nuclear power plant

The nightmare is not over yet

fresh leaks from the Chernobyl nuclear plant have revived fears about whether the plant should stay open. Recently, officials suddenly closed the plant's only working reactor. Authorities admitted

A foam spray can be used to seal the hazardous debris at Chernobyl, Ukraine, and also to safely transport radioactive wastes

Trees contaminated by radioactivity from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster are to be burnt to produce electri

NEARLY a decade after the world's worst nuclear disaster, Ukraine has finally decided to close the Chernobyl nuclear power station. Ukraine and the Group of seven industrial nations met