Charges on vehicles entering Delhi operative for four months on experimental basis, says Supreme Court.

NEW DELHI: Delhi government may have welcomed the Supreme Court's order to levy a pollution fee on non-destined commercial vehicles going through the state, but officials admit that implementation

Heavy Vehicles To Pay `Environment Compensation Charge' At Toll Booths

Beginning November 1, trucks, light goods vehicles and heavy containers passing through Delhi will have to pay `700 or `1,300 (depending on the category of vehicle) as the Supreme Court on Monday a

Big trucks entering Delhi will have to pay Rs 1,300 and smaller commercial vehicles Rs 700 with the Supreme Court today ordering an experimental pollution compensation charge from November 1.

Light duty vehicles would have to pay Rs 700 and three-axle vehicles Rs 1,300 for entering Delhi in addition to the toll tax from November 1, with the Supreme Court today imposing the ‘Environment

Charges will be Rs 700 for light duty vehicles and two-axle vehicles and Rs 1,300 for three-axle and above.

The court also ordered toll collectors to put in place radio frequency identification systems at the nine main entry points in the city by November 30.

A study done by the Centre for Science and Research on Moradabad’s e-waste recycling industry has shown contamination due to heavy metals to be very high in and around the city. Moradabad is known for its e-waste recycling industry. The city is located on the banks of the Ramganga, an important tributary of the Ganga.

While a draft document on the National Mission on Small Hydro nudges industry to invest, the success of such projects lies in proper implementation, writes Maulik Madhu.