Jamshedpur, Jan. 18: A migratory herd of tuskers from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary have been pushed back halfway from the bordering Purulia district of Bengal.

Forest officials engaged a hulla party to chase away the herd after a tusker allegedly trampled a villager and damaged vast swathes of farmland in Jalda and Bagmundi blocks of the district.

A three-member team from Global Tiger Forum today visited Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary to make an assessment of the gamepark.

Headed by S.C. Dey, the secretary-general of the forum, the team will be assessing various aspect of the sanctuary like its development since the creation of the state.

New home for Dalma herd in season of harvest - Tuskers cosy up in bamboo grove developed by forest department, calf born on Sunday

Migrating tuskers from Dalma have found shelter in Charchakka forest

For the first time, tuskers from Dalma have found the perfect shelter. Their new home has been built by the forest department on the same corridor that is frequently ravaged by them.

Delhi-based NGO will help in mapping corridor of migratory elephants of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary.

The NGO, which has expertise in drawing routes of elephants with meticulous details, including food habits, would work on the project from January when the migratory season comes to an end.

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Forest officials of Dalma wildlife sanctuary are frantically searching for experts to fix radio collars on elephants as funds for the purpose have been returned twice.

From 2007, the Centre has been giving Rs 8 lakh per year to the state to get the radio tracking system rolling. Senior officials at Dalma wildlife sanctuary said they had approached the Centre for funds to start the project to keep track on tuskers.