SAVVY SOUMYA MISRA State players in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh has rich iron ore deposit. The state is the most sought after location for the steel manufacturers. With the unchecked rise of steel prices the steelmakers want mining leases in the state at any cost. This has provided a new opportunity for many - opportunity to make some quick money.

The Supreme Court today granted approval for Tata Steel's prospecting licence for mining in Bailadila block in Chhattisgarh for its steel plant at Naxal-infested Dantewada district in the state. A special forest Bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishanan while granting approval for prospecting licence to Tata said the company should approach Director General, Forest for clearance.

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a primitive peasant rebellion is not quite in keeping with the modern India with its soaring Sensex, extravagant malls and industrious call centres. A ragtag militia of rabble-rousers mouthing Marx

The Chhattisgarh government has suspended Salwa Judum, launched as a people's awareness campaign to oppose naxalites, in the wake of the killing of several of its activists in Dantewada district and the spurt in naxalite attacks on civilians. The movement had become controversial after the exodus of tribal people from villages because of extremist.

We cannot say that development-related issues are long term while the immediate task is to annihilate the Naxalites

Dhurli village, Dantewada district, August 30, 11.30 am: Armed police in riot gear stand in clusters around the walled compound where people of this quiet, picturesque village are to gather for a gram sabha hearing. They are to decide today whether they want Essar Steel to set up a 3.2 million-tonne plant on their land for Rs 7,000 crore.