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After New Delhi was engulfed by the worst smog in almost two decades, sales of medicines to treat respiratory disorders have surged in the city and doctors say the number of patients seeking consul

Lauding the Delhi government's announcement of taking emergency steps to tackle the severe air pollution, a green body on Sunday said these will need strict enforcement and vehicle restraint measur

KOLKATA: Golpark in its southern part of Kolkata emerged noisiest locality in the country on the night of Diwali.

The national capital has been engulfed in a thick cover of pollutant-laden smog for the past few days, primarily after Diwali, forcing the residents to inhale 'severe' quality air.

Kolkata: Night pollution in the city continues to remain high, even three days after Diwali.

With the festival of lights becoming more about sound and smoke, people are fretting over the severely deteriorated air quality.

Faced with a shocking jump in the level of air pollution in the capital, the Centre has summoned top officials of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan on Friday to review the action

PATNA: The 'say-no-to-crackers' campaign by the district administration notwithstanding, the city skyline on Sunday was lit with myriad of colours emanating from the firecrackers with high decibels

Lucknow: Diwali celebrations left Lucknowites gasping for breath with alarmingly high air pollution levels, more than double compared to last year.

BENGALURU: With anti-cracker campaigns stepping up and cracker sales seen to have lost their sparkle, officials had expected a less polluted Diwali this year.