KOLKATA: Even though showers eased Diwali pollution in the city, air and noise quality degraded two days later, thanks to immersion processions and celebrations after Brazil's victory in the Under-

KOLKATA: The city's air was more toxic than Delhi's on four days last week.

KOLKATA: Golpark in its southern part of Kolkata emerged noisiest locality in the country on the night of Diwali.

KOLKATA: Environmentalists fear the ostensible flip-flop by West Bengal Pollution Control Board over permissible noise level of firecrackers this year will make the din unbearable on Kali Puja and

Taxi scrap used in decoration of the pandal.Taxi scrap used in decoration of the pandal.

Kolkata: Abnormally high PM2.5 (particulate matter measuring less than 2.5 micron in diameter) levels in Kolkata's air nearly all through the year, except monsoon, is a major killer and may assume

Kolkata: The city has failed absymally when it comes to dealing with the environment but political leaders are not yet ready break sweat to mend ways.

Kolkata: The transport department promised stringent action against polluting vehicles but for more than a year, but the department allowed a large number of vehicles to evade from undergoing emiss

Is the battle against emission limited to judicial activism? At least that is what claimed by the officers responsible for controlling pollution at the ground.

KOLKATA: The city has been dropped from the air quality index (AQI) carried out by the environment ministry due to an inefficient system and alleged non-cooperation from the West Bengal Pollution C