Dhalaos will soon be a thing of the past. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) hopes to begin door-to-door garbage collection in Shahdara (south) in next 45 days. They also plan to float tenders to invite private parties to carry out the collection in Najafgarh and South zone within the next three weeks.

The Environment Ministry said Thursday it has set a target of reducing per capita household garbage generation, excluding recyclables, by 20% from the fiscal 2000 level to about 530 grams a day by fiscal 2015. The ministry also recommended that business operators slash garbage generation by 20% over the same period to around 14.5 million tons a year.


Newly elected Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) Chairman Sanjay Naik on Monday convened a meeting with municipal and health officials, to discuss the ways to stop dumping of garbage and sewage water into the gutters in the town. The Ponda Municipal Council chairman asked Dr Keshav Priolkar to take appropriate measure to stop the dumping of garbage and sewage water into the gutters. "The gutters have been constructed to channelise rainwater and it is not meant for garbage and sewage water,' said Sanjay Naik.

The flying squad of Wildlife Conservation Department arrested a person dumping garbage in the Green Zone located in front of Central Environment Authority building in Battaramulla last Tuesday. The officers of the flying squad arrested him for throwing garbage-filled bags into the marshy land in front of the Central Environment Authority, which is a Green Zone belonging to the Authority. The suspect is a resident of Robert Gunawardena Mawatha, sources at Environment Ministry said. He had come to the location in his car from home with the garbage sacks to be thrown into the marsh.

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (mcgm) is expected to spend almost Rs 500 crore to develop waste processing technologies and scientifically manage its dumpyards at Gorai, Deonar, Mulund

on april 13, 2007, residents of Achen, a locality in Srinagar, and the municipal authorities agreed that three new dumpsites should be set up in three zones of the city, to supplement the


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