This Independence Day on Urban Reality, we put the spotlight on one of the largest cleanliness drives in the world-Swachh Bharat Mission.

World Environment Day. Time 18:55 to 43:15

Why isn't environment becoming an election issue despite growing awareness among people about pollution and depleting natural resources? Ravish Kumar says that as he travelled across Delhi, Haryana, UP and Bihar during his road shows highlighting concerns of voters, one thing that was common was the scarcity of clean drinking water, depleting green cover and polluted air. Also on the show, Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) says that our municipalities haven't been empowered to find solutions for waste disposal.

This week on Urban Reality, we focus on Delhi mounting garbage problem. How can Delhi tackle this mess? We speak to Additional Solicitor General Of India Pinky Anand, Chitra Mukherjee of Chintan & Swati Sambyal of CSE

लगातार बढ़ती आबादी और शहरीकरण के साथ भारत में पिछले एक दशक में कचरे के ताबाद बहुत तेजी से बढ़ रही है. सालाना लगभह 3 करोड़ 65 लाख टन कचरा पैदा होता है. कुल जमा किए गए कचरे में से 94 फीसदी को जमीन पर डाला जाता है और 5 फीसदी कम्पोस्ट होता है.

Public Forum : Drowning In Garbage

Take a look at the desperate state of our national capital engulfed as it is by trash. Just a few days back lives were lost after the monstrous Ghazipur dump collapsed. It is more than 50 metres high, it is not supposed to be more than 20 metres high; and with no other dump easily available, Delhi stares at a disaster in the making. Why now, in 2017, are we finally waking up to this ridiculous situation? Who is responsible and is there a real solution? We debate on The Buck Stops Here.

In a shocking incident today, two people were killed and five others injured when a portion of the massive Ghazipur landfill site in east Delhi caved in. Due to the cave-in, a car and two two-wheelers fell into the Kondli canal which flows near the landfill site. This segment of DNA analyses this shame incident.

NDTV डेटॉल बनेगा स्‍वच्‍छ इंडिया कैंपेन का चौथा सीजन जारी है और इस सीजन में एक बार फिर 'मेरे दस गज' मंत्र पर गौर किया जा रहा है. यानी सब लोग मिलकर अपने 10 गज के दायरे की सफाई का प्रण लें. ये एक ऐसा बदलाव ला सकता हे जो हम सालों से नहीं ला पाए हैं. इसी सिलसिल में पर्यावरणविद सुनीता नारायण ने NDTV से बात की.

Fire from a burning garbage dump, which has been on for days, is resulting in high pollution levels in Mumbai. Lakhs of people are breathing in toxic air; more than 70 government schools in affected parts of the city have been shut down. There is an acrid smell in the air, say many residents of India's commercial capital. The government appears to have gone into lockdown. Apart from a tweet from the Chief Minister, no one seems to want to say anything. There is of course the standard response, we have ordered an inquiry and will wait for the results.