Another four modern garbage stations at an estimated cost of Rs 8 crore are being planned for the city in Zones 2, 4, 5 and 7, and they will be completed within next six months.

The Central Environment Authority (CEA) is to take the initiative to solve the garbage problem completely by the year 2012 by providing necessary assistance to local authorities countrywide.

Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Chief Medical Officer Dr.

As a five-member committee of the city government meets on Monday to finalize the ratio of the proposed tax on garbage collection, Karachiites are likely to be taxed ignorant of the fact that they ar

Door-to-door collection of waste from hotels, besides residential houses came to an abrupt halt in the Commercial Capital in the last two days for want of labourers.

Try looking for an overflowing garbage bin on the service roads in Satellite area or in the new west zone. Only a few are left in the sprawling 200 sq km zone. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has been working to rid the city of garbage bins. They have been fairly successful with their start in the new west zone. The model will be replicated in other zones, once new west zone achieves nearly 90 per cent implementation, say officials. AMC had awarded contracts for garbage collection to nearly 25 contractors. The contractors send tractor containers to housing societies to collect garbage. The sanitary inspectors decided the routes and frequency of visit of tractors to societies to maintain cleanliness. AMC has started imposing huge fines of Rs 6,000 on societies that dump waste on roadsides and near dividers. On an average, they collect Rs two lakh in fines every month from the zone. "We have been successful in reducing to 25, the number of bins in the 200 sq km of the new west zone,' said a senior official at the sanitary department of AMC.

BANKURA: The district town woke up to a different scene today as it witnessed state school education minister, Mr Partha De, knocking door-to-door to help extend a scientific mode of garbage collection. The minister distributed pots to be used for segregation of solid waste at source at his own constituency today. The Bankura municipality, as part of the Centre's Integrated Small & Medium Township Development Programme finally started working on solid waste management. The venture was flagged off by Mr De. The pilot project was launched in Pratapbagan locality in Ward 11. "The locals should wake up with the most scientific mode of solid waste disposal. The biodegradable and non-degradable garbage should be segregated at source. This is the most modern concept accepted globally,' Mr De said. The Bankura municipality has initially launched the project in Ward 11. The self help groups are being engaged to help collection and transportation of the waste from door-to-door. The waste articles are to be transported to the trenching ground in Kesra locality in the outskirts of the town.

The Dhaka City Corporation has taken up an intensified plan to improve collection of solid waste through the monitoring of primary-level waste collection by community-based and non-governmental organisations. Officials at the corporation said the daily garbage was still not dumped in the right place from where the DCC carried the waste to the landfill sites.

The Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF) has decided to set up the much-desired solid waste management plant. The civic body said that the project would be set up on Gurgaon-Palli road within eight months. The construction work is expected to start in March. The MCF will provide Rs 26 crore to a private firm for setting up the plant. It will also provide more than 50 acres of land to the firm on 50 years' lease. The firm will operate and manage the plant. It will be responsible for clearing up solid waste disposal from the city. After the lease period, the firm will hand over the utility and infrastructure to the MCF. According to the MCF, the plant will have the capacity to treat over 600 tonnes of solid waste. The need for such a plant was long felt because of the huge amount of waste generated in the city. The expanding city population proves to be a tough call for civic authorities to deal with the growing heap of garbage.

GPCC President Francisco Sardinha has warned that BJP leader Manohar Parrikar will be solely responsible if any epidemic or disease spreads in the Capital city due to non-lifting of garbage on account of the ongoing strike by Corporation workers. Holding Parrikar responsible for the messy situation in Panjim, Sardinha reminded that the Corporation workers are led by Keshav Prabhu, who is a top functionary of the BJP. "If Parrikar has the will, he could have easily convinced Prabhu not to stop collecting garbage from the city', Sardinha said, adding "I am sure, the mess is being created at the instigation of Parrikar, who represents Panjim city'. The GPCC President warned Parrikar in the name of the citizens of Panjim and Goans in general, that he would be solely held responsible if the situation affects the tourism industry and an epidemic breaks out in the city. Sardinha hoped that better sense will prevail on Parrikar and requests Keshav to ask the workers to report for work and clean up the city, by keeping aside all political differences.