Urban India's dismal garbage management record

A proposal by the Panaji municipality to make Baiguinim in old Goa a permanent waste disposal site has hit a roadblock after protests by local people and heritage experts. Spread over an area of

Thailand has dumped at least 189 old garbage trucks off its southern coast, in a bid to build an artificial reef to lure fish for local fishermen. The trucks, once used to collect refuse in Bangkok,

The mafia s control of garbage business

effluents spur boycott: Farmers from Kuppam village in Tamil Nadu's Karur district have declared a boycott of the assembly elections, scheduled for May 8-10, 2006. They allege that effluents from

Polybags out, system suspect

By the time you read this, the decision would have been taken: to allow or not to allow the French warship Le Clemenceau into India, so that it can be dismantled with unknown quantities of toxic

A new dump for proper disposal of Kathmandu s waste

Agartala has just one dump yard to cater to its 4 lakh residents

Bricks can be made with 30 per cent sewage sludge