The Consumer Federation Tamil Nadu (CONFET) adopted a resolution at its general body meeting held here recently urging the authorities “to take penal measures against industries that are indiscrimi

The National Green Tribunal on Tuesday set up a committee to draft an extensive plan to deal with illegal extraction of groundwater in Delhi.

The bench also directed that meters be fixed wherever tubewells are operating, for measuring usage of groundwater and asked the committee to fix a charge that groundwater consumers would be liable to pay.

Residents of Huran Kotla panchayat in Dharampur block today registered a stiff opposition to a water-boring proposal of a builder, fearing it would lead to drying up of natural sources of water and

Officials of Noida Authority on Monday held a meeting with realtors to decide the course of action in the cases filed in the National Green Tribunal (NGT) regarding construction around Okhla Bird S

Install Pipes To Empty Groundwater; Green Brigade Furious

कानपुर, मेरठ, आगरा समेत सात शहरों में भूजल नीति सख्ती से लागू हो गई है। प्राइवेट बोरिंग पर रोक लगा दी गई है। इन शहरों में हर घर में मैकेनिकल मीटर के स्थान पर एएमआर (ऑटो मीटर रीडिंग) मीटर लगाए जाएंगे।

यदि शासन स्तर से शीघ्र घोषित की जाने वाली तिथि में कोई उपभोक्ता मीटर नहीं लगवाएगा तो उससे जुर्माने के रूप में 540 रुपये प्रति मीटर वसूले जाएंगे। 1 प्रमुख सचिव नगर विकास सीबी पालीवाल ने नगर विकास मंत्री की ओर से सभी नगर आयुक्त को इस संबंध में आदेश भेजा है।

Many residential and flats’ associations in the city are drilling six-inch borewells, which is illegal.

SHILLONG: The unhindered drilling of groundwater in Shillong city is posing a great risk to the water levels.

With the growth in city’s population and unregulated construction of buildings it has been observed that residents go for drilling of deep tube within their residential compound. As of now, the building by–laws in the State do not prohibit the drilling for underground water by residents within their compound.

All private water tankers in the City will henceforth have to mandatorily mention the source of water in their trade licence.

As part of the drive to keep a tab on private tankers supplying water, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has directed all the private water suppliers to obtain licences from competent authorities. Private tankers have also been asked to make sure that they have the registration certificate and permit issued by the Regional Transport Authority.

Only 50 of the 1.72 lakh borewells in City registered with KGA

Two months have passed since the State government issued a notification, making registration of all borewells and permission for sinking of new borewells mandatory in the State. However, so far only 25 drilling agencies in the State and just over 80 households in the City have registered with the Karnataka Groundwater Authority (KGA). The government notification called for compulsory registration under the Karnataka Groundwater (Regulation and Control of Development and Management) Act, 2011, wherein every existing user of groundwater in the notified area has to register within a period of 120 days from December 3, 2012.