S Raja, Ramnad: MARINE scientists and experts have expressed concern over the spreading of a species of seaweed, which may endanger coral reefs in the Gulf of Mannar.

The seaweed identified as

C. Jaisankar

RAMANATHAPURAM: Scientists have recorded the presence of several fish species, including the commercially important varieties, in the algal bloom-affected parts of the Gulf of Mannar, setting at rest fears that the problem might have caused the mass mortality of fish and highly endangered species. Fish species have also been spotted around the coral reefs in the affected areas.

S Raja

THE prevention of oxygen flowing into the sea and unprecedented increase in the velocity of wind in the vicinity, were attributed as reasons for the death of large quantities of fish and other marine fauna being washed ashore off Rameswaram. The sudden increase in dead fish and other marine species had unnerved fishermen here.

Shastry V. Mallady and C. Jaisankar

MADURAI/RAMANATHAPURAM: Oxygen levels in the waters of Gulf of Mannar improved on Monday giving hope that the situation would become normal along the Mandapam-Keezhakarai coast where the mortality of fish occurred in the last few days.

C. Jaishankar

RAMANATHAPURAM: Areas in and around Mandapam and the Kilakarai group of islands of the Gulf of Mannar have borne the brunt of devastation caused by the abnormal blooming of noctiluca scintillans.

Shastry V. Mallady and C. Jaisankar

MADURAI/RAMESWARAM: Studies conducted in the waters of the Gulf of Mannar point to low levels of oxygen leading to high mortality of fish.

It extends to about 300 km between Rameswaram and Thoothukudi; there are 3,600 marine species in the area

THE increasing growth of coral reefs in the Gulf of Mannar region proves that the measures taken to check mining of coral has paid dividends. A recent study by experts has shown that coral reef was growing in 3.7 sq km area in the National Marine Park. The coral reef extends to about 300 km between Rameswaram and Thoothkudi. There are about 3,600 marine species found in the area and 117 varieties of coral reef in the Gulf of Mannar.

Prabhakar Rao Voruganti | ENS

THE Supreme Court on Tuesday heard inconclusive arguments on the Ramar Sethu issue. As soon as the hearing commenced, Roxena Swamy , wife of Subramanian Swamy , told a bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan, Justice R V Raveendran and Justice J M Panchal that the orders of the Madras High Court with regard to an archaeological study on the Ramar Sethu were not complied with.

On April 11, the union cabinet gave the go-ahead to conservation authorities to sign an mou with international counterparts to protect the dugong and its habitat. Indian efforts to conserve this virtually unknown sea creature will get international recognition as a result. But this initiative has probably come too late. (Reference: Down to Earth)

An effort in southern India to raise coastal farmers out of poverty by paying them to cultivate red algae for a food additive has gone awry.