In a bid to improve marine ecology of the state, the Gujarat Ecology Commission would be transplanting corals from the Gulf of Mannar in Tamil Nadu to the Gulf of Kutch.

RAMANATHAPURAM: The International Biological Diversity Day and International Year of Biodiversity was celebrated by Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve Trust (GOMBRT) here on Saturday.

To mark the occasion, the Trust introduced glass-bottomed boat service near Pamban bridge which was inaugurated by Collector T.N. Hariharan.

Seahorse, a species facing threat of extinction due to various reasons, including commercial exploitation, have been successfully bred and released under a captive breeding project by marine scientists here.

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Bleached corals will recover only if the temperature level comes down, says expert

UNDER THREAT:Bleached coral off the Mandapam coast in Gulf of Mannar.

A NEW front named Coastal People

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They would be released in the sea around 21 islands
THE Gulf of Mannar National Marine Park (GOMNMP) has developed a technique to breed seahorse artificially with the help of a private marine research centre for the first time in the State.

Seahorse is among the most endangered marine species and fishermen and others have been strictly warned not to net them while fishing.

An assessment of coastal pollution was made on the basis of trace element concentrations (arsenic

Efforts needed to save corals from localised threats, says marine institute director

Conservation of coral reefs will help in protecting marine species

Live coral cover in Gulf of Mannar has increased in 2009

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MOVE TO ATTRACT MIGRATORY BIRDS TO SANCTUARIESTHE Gulf of Mannar National Marine Park (GOMNMP) authorities are taking action to promote the arrival of migratory birds to the sanctuaries and tanks in the district.

Assessment of coral disease prevalence was carried out in six islands in the northern region of the Gulf of Mannar during February 2007. Assessment was made in two sites in each island and three transects were laid in each site. white band, white plaque, white spot, pink spot, black spot, black band, yellow spot, yellow band and tumors were the observed common diseases in this regime.