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Pfizer Inc.'s impotence drug, Viagra, will be available in some European Union countries within seven to ten days, despite absence of government reimbursement agreements, the company said after the

Malaria, Japanese encephalitis and Kala Azar, which were under control for some time, are re-emerging with increased ferocity, claim health officials. Seventy percent of Nepal's population is at risk

The use and import of asbestos is to be banned from next year, the UK government will announce this week. A consultative document setting out a timetable for the regulations will be published by the

A bandage that can clot blood within seconds will help army medics and ambulance crews save patients from bleeding to death. The bandage, being developed by the American Red Cross with funding from

Scientists : Dissension over the cause for symptoms of dropsy in consumers of mustard oil in Delhi has started surfacing, with a senior scientist in Calcutta stating last weekend that argemone

The World bank sponsored Assam Area project aims to bring down the infant mortality rate in the State from 80 per thousand live births, which is higher than the national average, to 50 per thousand

Indian pharmaceutical companies are ready with the Indian version of the Viagra. But the government has serious reservations on allowing its marketing in the country.

Wheatgrass, a simple kitchen ingredient, is now a favourite of the allopaths for its antioxidant properties.

An easy and accurate technique to detect the parasite which causes filariasis in human beings has been discovered by the Centre for Biotechnology at Anna University, Chennai, according to the

Radon in household water supplies increases people's overall exposure to the gas, but waterborne radon poses few risks to human health, says a new report by a committee of the National Research