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For the men behind the wheels of buses in the Capital, life is not exactly a roller coaster drive. The extracts from a recent survey conducted by Iqbal Maliq on the health of the bus drivers of the

tuberculosis has devastated Russia's population. Tatyana Dmitrieva, Russian health minister, says that the incidence of tuberculosis had more than doubled since 1991, reaching 68 cases per

Alternative to transplantation: Researchers at the Temple University Hospital, U.S. are indicating that the use of heart laser surgery may replace transplantation in certain patients with severe

One of the UK's experts in the spread of infectious diseases said he had consistently been refused access to the UK government's information database about BSE, or "mad cow disease". In written

US scientists have found long sought proof that people release potent chemical signals that can have profound effects on other people. The research settles a 40 year debate about whether humans

President Bill Clinton threw his personal authority behind an effort to persuade Congress to pass a bill on the tobacco industry in the 68 days of legislative time remaining this year. Mr. Clinton

The Italian government is locked in a furious battle with the country's judiciary over whether an untested "cancer cure" should be provided free of charge by the national health service. If the

Scientists at the Centre for Genetic Diorders, Guru Nanak University, have succeeded in localising a new gene on chromosome 22, which causes cerulean cataract with sutural opacities. The Centre had

The formulation and implementation of AIDS control programmes in West Bengal from the ensuing financial year will be conducted by a new, registered and autonomous body in a bid to expedite efforts

The Delhi High Court sought the names of hospitals which were providing free medicines to poor patients in the Capital, after Apollo Hospital today submitted that no other hospital in the Capital was