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Incidence of cardiac ailments in Indian urban centres has been growing alarmingly in recent years. According to Colonel A.K. Chatterjee, general administrator of the B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre

India has protested against attempts by the European Union (EU) to set its own limits on the permissible levels of aflatoxin in food products imported to its 15 members. Indian objections were

A new method that uses lasers to drill tiny holes in heart muscles to promote better blood flow is gaining ground, here for those patients who are not suited for bypass surgery or angioplasty. Batra

Ayurvedic preparations should be of international standards if it no longer had to be perceived as a mere food additive, accoding to Dr H Wagner, a German scientist specialising in phytomedicine.

A serious outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) has been declared in Cape Verde, requiring urgent containment measures to prevent the disease from spreading to other countries in West Africa, the UN

There are very encouraging reports from the AIDS front. Powerful drug combinations are helping tens of thousands of patients live longer, healthier lives. Researchers said on Feb 2 at the 5th

Two years ago, Stahl suffering from osteoarthritis signed up to participate in trials of a new painkiller from Merck & Co. The treatment eased the pain and stiffness without upsetting his stomach, as

The National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials said it had developed a new composite material of ceramic and polymer that can promote the regeneration of damaged bones. When a sheet of

Minister for Health and Family Welfare Salahuddin Yusuf said that the government would extent the present agreement with International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) for

Doctors in New Delhi are now dissolving blood clots which block cardiac arteries with a new painless non-invasive ultra-sound technique. The new procedure called Acolysis was performed for the first